Our Company

SANÍSSIMO, Ltd. started its industrial activity on 29/05/1995.

Started its operations in the Industrial Zone (Vila do Conde), where it is still located.
The project “SANISSIMO” developed because prosecutors believe his viability because their technical expertise, from 10 years of experience, previously acquired in similar activity, and favorable market conditions in the sector.
This project from day one based on the following guidelines:


Company with own production


Target market strong presence with national and international customers


Implementation in a short time of a system of Quality Assurance

SANÍSSIMO has shown an evolution based on a sustainable growth, becoming wider with respect to market where it operates, as well as their business partners.
The concern of its promoters with issues such as compliance, environmental and safety, new technologies, and Quality, shaped the company giving it its current appearance, projecting it into the future.



Sanissimo, whose mission is the research, development, design, and marketing of chemical products, predominantly for industrial purposes, covering the following sectors:



Automotive Industry

Construction Industries

Service Delivery Sector

Industrial Maintenance Services